Hello, everyone. I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend.

Due to a hectic work situation coupled with a lack of sleep, I was unable to post the latest part of The Coven this past week. I assure you that I will return to my regular posting schedule as soon as possible.

To thank you for your patience and support, here is a picture of a baby elephant.

Saturday Link Rundown

I want to read, study, and play video games, but instead I’m falling asleep. I’ve had all the tea that I can stand, I’m warm and comfortable, and there’s a thunderstorm rumbling as it builds outside.

Before I do fall asleep, I need to feel as though I’ve accomplished something., however small. I’ve been stockpiling interesting links, so here they are, in no particular order, for your weekend browsing pleasure.

President Macron’s Twitter

How Many People are in Space?

Be the match for someone who needs bone marrow. 

The Weather Channel has gotten interesting lately.

Stuff in Space



The Resistance is Still On- Link Rundown

Have you been to the EPA website, lately? They do still have one, and quite a few gory details of recent activity are spelled out on the front page. There is a tradeoff to all of the reviews and “reforms” that are in store. It’s worth the effort to honestly consider the cost of what we are losing, and to ask what we will get in return.


There has been enough time since the presidential election shook the collective consciousness of the nation that we’re all settling back into everyday life. I’ve been putting all of my focus on my serial and novella, lately, and I have been neglecting SPQR just a little. However, there are still ways to help. The most pressing is the March for Science which, yes, has gained traction.

March For Science

I do love the idea of marching for something rather than against. If you can’t go to DC or attend a local march, there is a virtual marching option, or you can donate.


Also, Here’s something to give you a few laughs, if you need them.

President Supervillain

MST3K The Return


Here, also, is a faint ray of hope. It’s time for us to look forward, and build toward the future.

Deep Space Gateway

Major Announcement

I’ve finished the project I hinted at in the past- a novelization of the first part of The Coven.  It has been rearranged in a chapter format for kindle, and there is new content only available on the kindle version.

The first book of what will be The Coven series, Stellar Visions, is free on kindle this weekend.

The amazon link is available here and below.




Tuesday Link Rundown

Today, we explore actual advances in the field of science.


I’m a little late to the party, but this is still fascinating. Nasa has discovered 7 exoplanets orbiting a dwarf star. They’re calling the system TRAPPIST-1. I don’t support Neil deGrasse Tyson’s proposal to name them after the 7 dwarfs. Imagine: planet Grumpy.


NASA’s Explanation


Here’s something else I’ve seen popping up here and there- a new theorized quasiparticle.



And this is pretty cool- a new primate has been discovered.


Primate Teeth