Tuesday Link Rundown

Good Morning, universe.

My first link for this week is from Slate Star Codex . This is a viewpoint I’ve wanted to express for a while, and Scott Alexander has expressed it more eloquently than I could have. My only issue is that he provides heavy insight but light data.

Neutral vs. Conservative

Here is something to keep in mind when reading that- or any article about politics. Making political views a part of your identity can have devastating personal consequences when you are confronted with the bald truth. It accounts for a lot of doublethink.

A Fable of Science and Politics

  • How will you react to the revelation that you are wrong? How can we become most like the last person in the fable?


Moving away from politics, here is a useful tool for unmotivated writers.

Beeminder Write

Also, why the weather in space matters to you.

Living With a Star

This is just the type of relaxing, happy topic I research when I’m on vacation- did you know that accidental poisoning has surpassed motor vehicle accidents as the number one cause of accidental deaths in the US? I don’t mean to be alarmist, though- motor vehicle accidents have been on the decline.





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