The Resistance is Still On- Link Rundown

Have you been to the EPA website, lately? They do still have one, and quite a few gory details of recent activity are spelled out on the front page. There is a tradeoff to all of the reviews and “reforms” that are in store. It’s worth the effort to honestly consider the cost of what we are losing, and to ask what we will get in return.

There has been enough time since the presidential election shook the collective consciousness of the nation that we’re all settling back into everyday life. I’ve been putting all of my focus on my serial and novella, lately, and I have been neglecting SPQR just a little. However, there are still ways to help. The most pressing is the March for Science which, yes, has gained traction.

March For Science

I do love the idea of marching for something rather than against. If you can’t go to DC or attend a local march, there is a virtual marching option, or you can donate.


Also, Here’s something to give you a few laughs, if you need them.

President Supervillain

MST3K The Return


Here, also, is a faint ray of hope. It’s time for us to look forward, and build toward the future.

Deep Space Gateway


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