Wednesday Link Party

For everyone who feels exhausted, demotivated, and stressed, here are some links that may help you.


  • I’m not often too tired to play games, so here is a link that will help you approach life in the spirit of relentless grinding… for XP! Level Up Life
  • If you work best with the help of others, here is a study room where you can work on your projects during quiet times and brag about them during not-so-quiet times. The site can also help you track your progress. Less Wrong Study Room
  • Finally, there can come a time when only a threat of potential loss can break through your demotivation. If you need extra help getting your butt in gear, this is a site where you put money on the line. Meet your goals, or lose it! beeminder

I also have compiled a list of methods I personally use to beat akrasia.

  1. Pre- commit to your goal. Don’t say, “I might do this.” Say, “I’m doing this.”
  2. Visualize success.
  3. Create artificial restraints. For example, put your alarm clock across the room to force yourself out of bed.
  4. Use immediate rewards to supplement long-term rewards. “If I start my homework right now, I can listen to the new album at the same time.”
  5. Build habits through a consistent schedule.

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