Wednesday Link Rundown

I don’t think I’ve done a link rundown on Wednesday before. Neat!


Radiolab: Hello

I’ve always loved dolphins, so this episode of Radiolab was a special treat. The highlight was a piece on the infamous Lilly experiment where a woman, Margaret Howe Lovatt, cohabitated with a dolphin named Peter while she attempted to teach him to vocalize in human speech. I’ve always seen this experiment described as not only a failure, but a disaster, so I was shocked when radiolab played Peter’s tapes and I heard how much he was able to learn, and how far he came from the beginning. Margaret also described a fascinating behavior, in that Peter would practice his vocalizations alone, without the promise of reward.

It’s a shame that the project was not planned better. If the working conditions had been better for both human and dolphin, and if the study had been more rigorous, I think some interesting findings could have been published. Dolphin communication is still a ripe field, and we are treading slowly to ensure we do it properly.
This is How Your Hyperpartisan News Gets Made- 10 Reasons Why You Should Be FURIOUS

In other news, the news is terrible. Get off your high horse, Buzzfeed, you’re just as bad as the rest.

It’s still clickbait, even if there’s a fake-out to prove a point.

You too, The Guardian.

NASA Lights the Sky for Solar Eclipse

A Mass of Viscous Flow Features

And yes, I know I post a lot of NASA stuff, but it’s all so wonderful!


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