Info and Apologies

Good Morning.

I have a long critical article planned for the S.P.Q.R. project, but I won’t be able to post it for a while. The article itself challenges the educational status quo and suggests improvement, but at this time, keeping the system running is priority #1.

This morning I have a few links you might find useful. The first is to the donation page to the ACLU. They’re going to be busy for months to come trying to help legal residents, I expect, and will need support.

Donate to the ACLU

The second is a link that I’ve found useful in being able to contact my congressman, along with calls to action and scripts. I have been writing my own scripts in order to tailor the message to the political climate where I live, but if you need a ready-made script, they have them. There are so many it’s hard to prioritize.

The 65

Also, I have my eye on a budding movement in the science community. Resistance is happening through alt twitter accounts that seek to break through the barrier of silence, and also through a march that is being organized by the scientific community.

Alt US Forest Service



The Resistance

March for Science Twitter

March for Science Website



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