The Society for the Promotion of Qualitative Rationality

It is the mission of this society to promote equality, rationality, scientific understanding, and liberty for all people. We seek to engage in purpose-driven public discourse and better our communities through positive action. These actions may include, but are not limited to:


  1. Promotion of rational discourse through social and conventional media.
  2. Education projects available for local community members of all ages.
  3. Attempts at social improvement including endorsements, fundraising, and letter-writing campaigns.
  4. The promotion and exploration of technology for the betterment of all persons.
  5. The preservation and exploration of the natural world.


I intend to use this blog to promote education and document efforts to better the world. I will include anything and everything to this end- from ideas on how to improve yourself and your community to a broader look at the systems that exist in the world, and how they might work more efficiently.
I am probably the least-qualified person to solve such lofty problems, so I will be including many links to information assembled by the smart people. I may offer commentary, or suggestions on how one can follow up with the information. If anyone wants to submit suggestions or links, please do so in the comments.


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