Alien Race Discovered

Scientists from Centauri University announced on Glorbday that an alien race has been discovered in the Sol system, 4.37 light years away.
This race of creatures, which scientists have dubbed ‘terra-cats,’ appears to be highly intelligent, though somewhat violent. Scientists studying the newly discovered species have urged planetary leaders to exercise extreme caution in their attempts at making first contact with this new race.  Dr. Xular Mardiw, professor of Xenobiology at Centari University, has been studying the terra-cat’s psychology and culture with the help of broadcasts the terra-cats have sent via radio signal.
“These creatures have a very complex, warlike society,” Dr. Mardiw said.  “They spend much of their time racing each other in vehicles filled with explosives.  We believe that surviving these so called ‘high speed chases’ is a coming of age ceremony for the terra-cats.  They also have complex mating rituals, which involve spraying the body with orange body paint, making aggressive shows of their muscles, and imbibing large amounts of intoxicants.”
Despite Dr. Mardiw’s warnings that these terra-cats are an aggressive species, many Centaurians have a hard time taking the new species seriously, due to their resemblance to the common Centauri house-cat.
“They’re about an eight our size, their bodies are as hairless as a newborn’s and they make the most adorable mewling noises,” Prime Minister Yardup said during a press conference on Glorbday evening.  “My daughter has asked me if we could capture one and keep it as a pet.”
Already, videos depicting the terra-cats, who appear to come in many colors and varieties, are a hit on the Centauri Communications System, or CCS.
“The video I uploaded of the terra-cats dancing already has 50,000 views,” a CCS user that goes by the name Radical_Xenu said.  “They’re so adorable, spinning around on their little toes in puffy skirts.  I don’t see how anyone could say that they’re dangerous.”
Prime Minister Yardup remarked on Gleepday that plans were already underway to contact the terra-cats as soon as possible, to offer delicious zarnu biscuits in exchange for more videos.

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